How To Make a Bootable Windows 7 in a USB Flash drive?

29 Jun


In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a bootable Windows 7 OS in a flash drive instead of making in a DVD disc. A bootable USB Flash drive is a newer method to install your OS in your computer and it is faster than using a bootable CD/DVD.

These are the requirements:

  • Windows 7 OS with the .iso format
  • An 8GB USB Flash drive
  • A tool called UNetbootin (if you don’t have this tool you may download here)

 Here are the procedures:

Step 1: Insert your flash drive and make sure that it is formatted with the NTFS format.

Step 2: Open the UNetbootin you downloaded. (see the image below)

Step 3: In the tool, click the Diskimage option button, select ISO in the dropdown menu, and then locate the Windows 7 ISO file your computer. Select the type of drive where you copy the OS .iso file, since it will be put in the flash drive, then select USB Drive then choose the Drive name. Click OK button then it will now start.

There you go, you can now use your bootable flashdrive to install your Windows 7. Make this as the primary device in boot sequence in the BIOS.

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